My Dogs

Jampa 'Soldaze Ad Infinitum' 9/9/20

Jampa or Jammy (my dogs have many nicknames!) is my youngest current dog.

He is from ISDS (sheep dog) and agility lines and is a powerful, clever, confident and mischievous puppy!

I hope to do sheep work and agility with him and am very excited to see how he progresses.

Kapow 'Lilhaze Spring Bash' 23/10/18
Kapow (powski!) is my current agility dog, although covid has got in the way of competing this year.

She is the sweetest, kindest dog who loves nothing more then a cuddle on the sofa, though has an brilliant work ethic.

We are looking forward to the 2021 agility season!

Zeal 'Fellspirit Dream Big' 8/10/16 - 23/3/2020

I absolutely adore merles, they are a beautiful to look at and tend to be just that bit nutty.

Zeal was a very special dog who took a lot of patience to understand but did everything with enthusiasm, especially chasing after squirrels!

Sadly we lost him this year and I miss my 4.30 wake up calls to give him a cuddle every day.

Kali 'Kalyana Mitrata of Valgrays' - 26/8/11

Kali is my perpetual 'project' dog. She was rescued from Ireland and does not appreciate people and dogs that aren't in her little circle.

Despite having to work hard on managing her behaviour, she has been a very successful agility dog. She won into grade 7 (highest level of agility) in 2016 and made a number of finals.

Kali retired this year due to arthritis but continues to live her best life on the farm and enjoys the occasional Cani-x run.

Quinn 26/8/09

Quinn doesn't have a 'posh' name because he decided early on that agility was not for him!

Instead he decided that he much preferred free running with myself or Gary and having the loveliest and calmest of natures is often used as a 'stooge' dog to help dogs who are nervous.

Ruby 'Littel Pearl Drop' 25/3/2007

Ruby is our first collie and we rehomed her age 4 in 2011.
Although she came from an agility home, she was retired at 6 due to health issues and has spent her years running, herding quinn and now enjoys being the matriarch of the home.

She absolutely sticks to the rule that merles are special and is a complete goofball of a dog.

Sodah 'Whizz Bang Pop' 7/11/06 - 22/12/2017

The 'original'!
Feisty, bolshy, brilliant, demanded her paws to be massaged, she was a small dog with a huge personality.

Sodah was challenging for first time proper owners, but she taught us so much and is sorely missed.