What is agility?!

  • Agility is fun and games for you and your dog!
  • Its made up of various obstacles to jump, run through and over, weave in and out - and if you compete, it's against the clock!
  • It improves your dog's fitness!
  • You learn how to handle the dog round a course.

Who can do agility?

Agility can be done by almost every breed with puppies from 6 months
The human can be any age and fitness!  
Being able to move helps but distance agility is definitely an option.
All dogs start off with little or no height till they understand what to do.
Dogs jump a final height based on how tall they are - not how high they like to jump 

What if I don't want to compete??
  • Sessions are tailored to every individual, from those with aspirations of finals at Crufts or Champ to people who just want some time out with their dogs.
  • Everyone learns how to complete the obstacles properly, if you do compete then you'll have a good basis to do well.
  • There is NO pressure - but beware, it can get addictive.....

When are sessions held?
  • Sessions run Saturday - Tuesdays each week.
  • 121s last 30 minutes for 1 dog, groups have a maximum of 5 dogs.
  • There is limited availability in groups Sunday daytime, Monday/Tuesday evenings.