About Me

My name Sarah Tuck and I have grown up with and owned dogs for almost 30 years.
The first dog I owned with my husband was Sodah, a border x lakeland terrier and it was thanks to her feisty, workaholic nature that I became serious about dog training.  We have rescued a number of dogs along the way, and it is because of my fear reactive dog Kali, that I developed my knowledge and understanding of reactive dogs and behaviour.  As part of this, I am currently undertaking an Advanced diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine)

I only every use positive reinforcement when working with dogs and use science based, effective methods that are fun, kind and successful.

I have been competing properly in agility since 2012 and both my first two dogs went up to the highest level at KC which is Grade 7 and made a number of finals including the British Open semi final at KCIAF (the biggest agility show in the world!) and champ finals.

I am a first class agility club instructor and have been teaching since 2016 to a wide range of dog breeds and owners and am passionate about developing the bond between you and your dog, whatever your end goal is!

When I am not out working on my field, in all of my spare time(!) I teach music part time at secondary level and have been qualified since 2004.  I have worked in a wide range of schools which has been an important part of my development as a dog trainer and agility instructor.